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HP Universal Print Driver with Citrix on Windows 2008 x64 - 15 Jul 2009

seems like there is a quite bad problem with HP Universal Print Driver 4.7 (and older) when used on a Citrix Server. According to some forum threads, the issues were resolved in version 4.7.2, however, this version is not available for public download, one needs to contact HP support to get it.
as I did this, [...]

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new blog and new theme - 05 May 2007

hello everyone
I just updated my wordpress blog to 2.1.3 and also I installed a new theme. seacliff-10 was the template and I just replaced the header image using a photo taken on my holiday in corsica. here you can find the original image

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aacs cracked? - 02 Jan 2007

According to this Post and many other sources, AACS, the copy-protection used on HDDVDs and also on Blu-Ray discs, seems to have been cracked.
This would be nice, because it would make it possible for open source media players to play encrypted, legally bought movies on these new disc types.
The same thing had to happen to [...]

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comments and spam - 19 Sep 2006

I hope nobody wrote a comment in the last few weeks. I had to mark all of them as spam, as it became too time-consuming to have a look at all of them.
There have been around 670 spam comments being posted in the last 4 weeks. I added an anti-spam plugin which checks the email-adress [...]

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being watched while watching world cup - 26 Jun 2006

As my girlfriend describes here, we have been in the TV Studio of Swiss Television where the discussions about the matches are produced. It was hard to see us on TV but it was nice to be there and watch the match with others.
It was also quite interesting to see how a show like this [...]

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New pictures - 16 Apr 2006

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made a selection of pictures from available in my gallery.
Visit the gallery

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Updates and NFSMW - 26 Nov 2005

I haven’t been writing for some time. Sorry’s fly out to everyone
The reason is that I’m back at work and so I do not have this much time anymore. However, i had a quite easy week. Now I’ll have to work for one more week and I’ll have some holiday
Another reason is that [...]

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Pandora - 24 Oct 2005

Maybe you’ve already heard of the Pandora Service. If not, I will tell you something about it.
You discovered a new artist and you really like his sound. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just enter his name or a songtitle to find other music that sounds like it?
Thats exactly what Pandora does. It analyses [...]

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Bubbles - 16 Oct 2005

Maybe you have already heard about the bubbles, originating from NY. If not, i’m gonna tell you something about it:
In NY there are huge amounts of ads, they’re everywhere and more and more, people begin to hate this ads. Somebody now started a project to use the ads for something more individual to make the [...]

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