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dont implement pageup and pagedown in your applications - 28 Aug 2008

…or you theoretically have to pay royalities to microsoft. it’s hard to believe, but they managed to get a patent for
A method and system in a document viewer for scrolling a substantially exact increment in a document, such as one page, regardless of whether the zoom is such that some, all or one page is [...]

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ISO bought by Microsoft - 06 Apr 2008

well, i think many of you do already know; it’s really sad what happened.
some comments about the format by a czech blogger: http://blog.janik.cz/archives/2007/05/19/T20_32_07/

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about energy consumption - 14 Oct 2007

today I want to post about something less specific, but way more important (not that my other posts would be meaningless, but they are sometimes really specific) than I usually do; it’s the energy consumption of all the devices around us that we use often.
my topic in this context has of course something to do [...]

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smartvote - 09 Sep 2007

i found a website for swiss people who are interested to see where they politically stand;
there you have to answer questions which were also asked to the politicians. in the end your answers are compared to the politician’s and you can see who fits your opinion the most.

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declining tax calculation update - 04 Jun 2007

according to this news, the degressive tax system, which i wrote about in this post, is illegal.
in my opinion, this descision is really important for a working country

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declining tax calculation - 17 Feb 2006

This tuesday, after watching Kassensturz, I really had to ask me: “In which fucking capitalist country do I live?”
Reason for this was the subject about the taxes. Well, maybe you’ve already heard of it, but I didn’t until tuesday. Generally the taxes are getting a little lower, which isn’t bad at all. But the taxes [...]

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Political attacks on Corsica - 15 Oct 2005

Yesterday morning, a rocket hit a french prefection in Bastia…

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Corsica - 14 Oct 2005

Maybe you know, I’m freshly back from my holiday in Corsica. I just wanted to link to the pictures I’ve made with my k750i, more pictures (taken with my canon eos 500n) will follow in the next days.
In Corisca we had some problems getting to the places we wanted to be, because of the strike [...]

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