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something about not having a central package-management system - 03 Dec 2008 …. i thought it was a terrible situation, however i still was shocked.
would be interesting how the situation looks with various linux distributions which have a central update mechanism for software.

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keeping ssh-sessions open - 02 Oct 2008

i was experiencing a new problem (well, it isn’t really a problem, it’s just annoying) when i opened an ssh connection to my server at OVH and i wasn’t active for let’s say about 10 minutes. when i wanted to enter a new command, the session always closed with the error:
Read from remote host xxx: [...]

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ccsp certification - 17 Sep 2008

i managed to achieve another certification, this time i may call myself “Citrix certified Sales Professional”. however, this certification seems to be easier to achieve and less important than the CCA (Citrix certified Administrator), which i’m going to achieve in summer 09.
the test for CCSP is solely consisting of online courses and tests which are [...]

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dont implement pageup and pagedown in your applications - 28 Aug 2008

…or you theoretically have to pay royalities to microsoft. it’s hard to believe, but they managed to get a patent for
A method and system in a document viewer for scrolling a substantially exact increment in a document, such as one page, regardless of whether the zoom is such that some, all or one page is [...]

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lpic-1 certification achieved - 16 Jul 2008

Dear Pascal Schwarz
LPI ID: LPI000115726
Congratulations on obtaining your LPIC-1 certification and joining the
world’s largest community of Linux and Open Source professionals.
LPIC-1 is globally recognized as the leading entry-level certification
in Linux skills and knowledge.
In completing your LPIC-1 certification you are also eligible to take
our LPIC-2 exams. We encourage you to consider pursuing this higher level
certification. For [...]

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apprenticeship finished and asus eee - 11 Jul 2008

hello everyone!
i know i haven’t been blogging for some time, this was mainly because the past time i was really busy… however, it was quite worth it.

i finished my apprenticeship with really great grades (can be seen here, look for Pascal Schwarz) and got some gifts. one of them, which made me most happy, is [...]

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moving a gentoo installation from one server to another - 01 May 2008

as ovh announced new servers (i wrote about), i now want to move the gentoo installation as easily as possible. i hope this will help you save some work. however, i can not guarantee that the destination system works perfectly, run tests! the things i do during this task are not dangerous for your source [...]

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wordpress 2.5.1 - 27 Apr 2008

i just updated my wordpress installation to version 2.5.1, seems like the backend (where you write posts etc) changed a lot =)
it looks quite nice and the editor seems to be even more comfortable than before.

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new offers - 21 Apr 2008

woohoo, my server is going to be replaced soon
ovh made new dedicated server offers. the old offers are gone, here are the most important changes;

Kimsufi (Isgenug) now with at least 1Gb ram (instead of 256mb), you can get a kimsufi for 25/month!
superplans have totally changed;

no more superplans with 250gb-hd’s
at least 4gb of ram!!
nearly [...]

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ISO bought by Microsoft - 06 Apr 2008

well, i think many of you do already know; it’s really sad what happened.
some comments about the format by a czech blogger:

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about mx-entries and spam - 05 Apr 2008

i just wanted to send a mail to phoronix, asking them about their linux benchmarking suite.
however, my mail got bounced immediately;
This is the mail system at host
I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below.
For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.
If [...]

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vmware problems with clock - 26 Mar 2008

as i mentioned in my last post, (web- and mailserver, you’re using it right now) is now hosted inside a virtual machine on my ovh root server.
it works really nice generally, however i must also point out that this machine doesn’t generate too much load. it might be a problem to use vmware if [...]

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new web- and mail-server and awstats - 24 Mar 2008

hi everyone!
i hope you didn’t notice that i moved my blog (and my gallery also) to a new webserver, which runs inside a virtual machine on my ovh dedicated server.
i also configured an awstats instance which you can find here. it wasn’t to easy to install, as there was a problem related to the documentation [...]

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just a small story about vista and ubuntu - 24 Mar 2008

made me smiling:

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iptables 1:1 nat, for use with vmware on ovh dedicated server - 09 Mar 2008

i rent a server from which has beneath the “normal” fixed ip adress an additional, so-called “fail-over” ip. i wanted to use this second ip for a virtual machine running inside vmware. however, i had to learn that ovh doesn’t allow you to use bridging for the network interface (leads to an offline server, [...]

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