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what sucks about sbb - 10 Mar 2010

following situation

i’m living near olten (egerkingen)
normally i work in aarau, so i have a subscription for egerkingen – aarau
sometimes i have to visit clients around zurich

now you think: “easy, you’ll just have to buy a ticket from aarau to zurich”… but that isnt the case:
if the train stops in aarau (and its enough if it [...]

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i’m back! - 07 Apr 2009

from my military service! after 21 weeks it’s finally done!
it would be too much to write about it, so i thought i’d just post my pictures, you can find them here: Pictures taken during my military service

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apprenticeship finished and asus eee - 11 Jul 2008

hello everyone!
i know i haven’t been blogging for some time, this was mainly because the past time i was really busy… however, it was quite worth it.

i finished my apprenticeship with really great grades (can be seen here, look for Pascal Schwarz) and got some gifts. one of them, which made me most happy, is [...]

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yes baby - 02 Feb 2008

i got some results for the last semester in school and for the first certificate test i did in december

click on the pictures to get them in full size

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about energy consumption - 14 Oct 2007

today I want to post about something less specific, but way more important (not that my other posts would be meaningless, but they are sometimes really specific) than I usually do; it’s the energy consumption of all the devices around us that we use often.
my topic in this context has of course something to do [...]

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Holiday in Indemini, Ticino - 11 Aug 2006

Well…… I don’t know what to write first, but we had a really nice time there
First of all, we didn’t really know where we were going, we only knew that there were some relatives of Sarah. After i made my ticket on wednesday, we took the train to Olten. But there was already [...]

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Once again - 27 Jul 2006

At last I write a new post on my blog. I had a good, but busy time and didn’t have that much time to write.
I’m still working at PMI AG in Aarau and I will have holiday the coming two weeks. I’m really looking forward to this, I didn’t have holiday for some time now.
I’m [...]

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Too many things… - 20 Jan 2006

…happened this week to tell you.
I had a lot of work and also some private things (I’m not going into details) which really stressed me. But now the most important things are arranged and I’m looking forward to the things I’ve (maybe) been starting (and I’m also looking forward to the weekend, of course).
One thing [...]

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aww blah - 24 Dec 2005

…. I’m having my birthday today
…. It’s x-mas soon
…. People will come and people will go
wish you all a merry x-mas and so on
(and yes, I’m so atheistic, I don’t care much about)

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Looking forward - 22 Dec 2005

Well I just thought about the thing that there are only 2 days of work left in this year
Then, on the 24th I’ll have my birthday and I’ll be 18 years old, so I can do some things I did already now officialy =)
After the x-mas things from the 24th to the 26th I’ll [...]

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some stuff - 15 Dec 2005

yees… i did not post for long (once more )
however i had a quite good time the last few months. besides some less comfortable happenings i had a really good time at work because i had only 2 week blocks to work (work, 3 weeks course, 2 weeks work, holiday, 2 weeks work (now) [...]

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Updates and NFSMW - 26 Nov 2005

I haven’t been writing for some time. Sorry’s fly out to everyone
The reason is that I’m back at work and so I do not have this much time anymore. However, i had a quite easy week. Now I’ll have to work for one more week and I’ll have some holiday
Another reason is that [...]

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Different things - 15 Nov 2005

Hello everyone!
I feel like i’d have to write something new, but because there is not one big thing at this moment, I’m going to write something like a little newsflash of interresting things.
Intel with VT: Intel has produced the first Pentium 4 Processors with the Vanderpool virtualising technology. The models 672 (3,8 GHz, 605 US-Dollar) [...]

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what happened - 10 Nov 2005

I didn’t update my blog for some time. So I got some things to tell you;
First, I’m not having to work at this time, because we are having a special course at the ABB Lernzentren where we “learn” how to do telephone support. But I already did a lot of telephone support in my company [...]

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