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holiday gran canaria - 19 Aug 2011

take a look at the photos here:

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happy new year - 04 Jan 2009

well, 4 days late, but I still wanted to wish everyone a good start into the new year.
i wasn’t writing for some time, this is because i’m doing military service. i’m placed in Bülach, my Unit is called the “Uem/FU RS 62-1 Kp.1 Zug 3″. before xmas, i finished the 8th week, so there are [...]

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skiweekend with company - 16 Mar 2008

this weekend i was at the skiweekend of PMI AG in Laax. the weather wasn’t too bad and i really enjoyed snowboarding.
simon and me took some pictures (sadly only using our mobile phones, as you will notice by the quality of the images). you may find them in my gallery.

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(not) getting up - 05 Mar 2008

woah, I believe I could stay in bed forever during the week

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happy new year - 01 Jan 2008

once again, the 4 digit number on the calendar has incremented. i wish everyone a happy new year 2008!

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happy new year - 01 Jan 2007

And now, to make the wishes complete, I wish you all a good new year

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merry x-mas!! - 24 Dec 2006

hello everyone, i just wanted to wish all of my readers ( ) a merry x-mas

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still alive… - 28 May 2006

Well, I didn’t blog for quite a while. This is because I have to learn for the final examinations in both english an french. I’ve had my written tests and soon the oral ones will take place. I’m not really looking forward to this because I don’t speak french really well. But I think I [...]

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** sitting in the sun ** - 22 Mar 2006

Woohoo finally we can feel summer!

But I’m ill nevertheless Maybe I’ll be able to work again tomorrow

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Photos from Nidlenloch - 06 Mar 2006

As I wrote in the post before, I sent a mail to my father and now I’ve got the pics. You can see them following this link.
It was quite impressive down there, as there are some really narrow passages. We did only visit a small part of the whole cave. It wasn’t as cold as [...]

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Nothing happens - 06 Mar 2006

Well, I didn’t write for quite some time… this is because I don’t really know what to write. I have also been sick ond thursday and friday.
I have been in a cave ond Weissenstein, the Nidlenloch, but I didn’t want to write about without having some pictures… maybe I should write a mail to my [...]

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new blogs - 18 Feb 2006

Hello everyone! I just wanted to tell you that my girlfriend has also opened a blog You can visit it using this link.
Update: m0ng, another good friend also opened one, here’s it

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new monitor - 08 Feb 2006

Finally I got away from my old 19 inch CRT monitor and bought a 19 inch TFT from LG, the L1980Q. You can read a review of it here

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a successful day - 02 Feb 2006

When I came back from the client who’s computer I had to fix, I read my horoscope: “You are unimpeachable.”
And I knew, it was true

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Changes and things - 08 Jan 2006

Hello everybody!
I was away some time and wanted to update you on my latest work (or however i should call it):
Update to Wordpress 2
And it is even better than I expected. They added a lot of nice features. especially for writing a post. It feels more like an application than a web-thing. You can make [...]

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